ID Cards

How do I obtain an ID card?

  • DEERS/RAPIDS ID Card centers at Moffett FAF: 

    129th Rescue Wing
    Unit Members and their families (limited capability for all others)
    653 Johnny Luv Lane, Bldg 653
    Moffett Air National Guard Base, CA
    (650) 603-9435 - Appointment is Required

    Combat Support Training Center (Army) 
    Retirees, All Military Members, Family Members 
    152 Daily Rd, Room 127 
    Moffett FAF, CA 
    (650) 603-8693

  • ID Card FAQs:

    -  DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System)
    -  RAPIDS (Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System) 
    -  CAC (Common Access Card)
    -  For new enlistments and/or re-enlistments requires a copy of their DD Form 4 contract 
    -  Civilian contractor requires a copy of their contract renewal 
    -  Recently married requires a Marriage license, spouses Social Security card and birth certificate 
    -  Divorced requires a divorce decree
    -  Recently had a baby requires their Social Security card and birth certificate
    -  Children ages 10 to 21 receive an ID Card, up to age 23 if their a full-time student
    -  Promoted requires a Promotion Order
    -  ID cards can only be renewed if within 30 days of their expiration date. Please call and make an appointment.