Base Tours

How do I schedule a base tour?

  • We offer base tours at the 129th Rescue Wing as community outreach when our operation tempo allows. Base tours consist of a mission briefing, tour of the Maintenance Hangar, and access to a MC-130P Combat Shadow and/or HH-60G Pave Hawk static display. The length of the tour is generally 2 to 2.5 hours.

Here are the guidelines for base tours:

  • All tour requests are subject to review and require proper approvals.
  • A formal request (DD Form 2536) should be submitted to the 129th Public Affairs office at least one month prior to the desired tour date.
  • Tour groups shall consist of a minimum of 10 people, but no more than 25. If a group number totals under 10 or over 25, contact the Public Affairs office for eligibility.
  • If the tour group consists of children under 13, there must be a sufficient number of parent guardians or chaperones present to monitor their behavior and safety.  Contact the Public Affairs office for eligibility.
  • All tours are subject to cancellation. Visitors should understand that the mission comes first.
  • A list of attendees should be emailed to the 129th Public Affairs office one week prior to the visit. This is to ensure the security of the base as well as the safety and accountability of all unit members.
  • Members of the group should understand when they are on Moffett Federal Airfield that they are on a federal installation and their vehicles and persons are subject to search. Do not bring firearms, knives, or any similar items.
  • Certain conditions and restrictions apply to all base tours.

If you know of a group that is interested in a base tour or to inquire about availability, please contact the 129th Rescue Wing Public Affairs office.