News you can really use

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- By Saturday afternoon of drill, do you feel overwhelmed with information from meetings and emails? Does your head feel like it's foggy so you consequently consume copious cups of caffeine to cope?

(Sorry for the heavy alliteration and infomercial-style lines, but I need to grab your attention.)

I talk to people who appear starved for information because they can't cut through the clutter of an overloaded inbox or a day full of meetings. They're overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

The 129th Rescue Wing Public Affairs Office is here to help!

For over a decade the public affairs office has been publishing the Rescuegram, a monthly newsletter full of relevant wing information that is meant to set you up for a successful drill weekend. All of the stories compiled for the RG are posted at Here we also post timely photos and videos profiling a wide variety of people and missions of the 129th Rescue Wing.

Yet some of you don't check the site or subscribe to the newsletter even though you don't even need a CAC card reader at home to do so.

In a recent unscientific survey it was discovered that a majority of wing personnel neither read the wing newsletter nor knew of its existence. These results had us scratching our heads and wondering how we can more effectively communicate with you. We've now adapted and are online where most of you are now.

We have a Facebook Fan Page at, Twitter feed at and YouTube channel at Go online at home, work or via your smartphone and friend, follow and subscribe to us if you haven't already.

I ask for your help in making our wing communicate more effectively. This road isn't a one-way street. Go viral and share these wing information links with your co-workers, subordinates, superiors, family members and friends. Give us your feedback too, whether via Facebook commenting or an email to

I'm confident you'll enjoy being part of the conversation and will work with a clearer head at drill. In fact, I'll guarantee it!