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  • Hard Work Required, Attendance Optional: First Sergeant Misses Cal Guard Awards Ceremony Due to Deployment; Returns in Time for National Award

    A ball room at a Marriot Hotel in Santa Clara, Calif. is filled with California National Guardsmen (both Army and Air Force) in their best mess dress.  The crowded room breaks out into applause over each name that is called; they are recipients of various awards being presented at the Outstanding Airmen and Soldier of the Year Banquet."The
  • Electronic Warfare Adds Crucial Component to Mission Readiness

    Given the high-tech tactics that constitute the combat theater in the 21st Century, the difference between life and death can boil down to a blip on a radar screen.Elements of electronic warfare, in particular surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), were developed during World War II and used extensively in the Vietnam War.Forty years later, the
  • Persistence Is Not Futile: Re-Opening the Historic Moffett Chapel

    In June 2012, the historic Moffett Chapel was officially closed. The doors were locked, the windows were boarded up, and the services stopped.When Naval Air Station Moffett Field officially turned over its ownership to NASA Ames Research Center on July 1, 1994 - via the Base Realignment and Closure Act - the regularly abundant activities within the
  • Trained and Stationed Locally to Serve Globally

    For Master Sgt. Randall Johnson, there is no better work-life balance than being a part of the California Air National Guard.Johnson, a loadmaster with the 129th Rescue Wing since 2008, is the consummate citizen-airman.  During the week he works as a Senior Training Assessment Counselor with the Oakland Military Institute.  But rather than settle
  • Exercises and Deployments - Soaring Angel 2014

    The Air National Guard provides a key part of the USA's forces in the air with a diverse spread of units undertaking different roles. Few units match the 129th Rescue Wing for the diversity of capability they bring. This capability was recently tested with the biennial Soaring Angel exercise which Rob Edgcumbe witnessed for GAR.The requirements of
  • Student Flight trains non-prior service enlistees

    The dew-blanketed grass and cool breeze provided little relief to the small Student Flight group as they work out the tiring flutter kicks under Tech. Sgt. Rachel Taylor's watchful gaze. "Thirty seconds! Halfway there," Sergeant Taylor shouted to the group of young men performing physical training on the softball field at Moffett Federal Airfield