Thanks for Your Service

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- In 1789, President George Washington delivered his Thanksgiving Proclamation at the request of Congress. As a result, a day of public thanksgiving was devoted to observe and acknowledge the opportunity afforded to peaceably establish a form of government that provides for the safety and happiness of the American people. For more than 200 years, members of the National Guard have continued to serve and sacrifice in order to preserve and protect the nation. As members of the 129th Rescue Wing, you have all contributed to this lasting legacy and deserve thanks for your service.

Thanks for deploying to Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa this year and saving 47 lives in combat while assisting with the medical evacuation of 104 others including U.S. forces, coalition partners and host nation personnel.

Thanks for sacrificing family time and personal time to hone the skills required to perform our mission safely and effectively during combat and in response to homeland disasters and emergencies.

Thanks to your families for the hardship endured by your absence while serving. There is no greater sacrifice than the time that they have spent without you.

Thanks to your employers and co-workers for their support during active duty training and deployments. They are a valued part of our team.

Thanks to our full-time military technicians who endured several weeks of furlough while serving in uniform. You deserve our pledge to do everything possible to prevent this hardship in the future.

Thanks to our community partners and Silicon Valley neighbors for their continued support and praise. We humbly welcome your expressions of appreciation received throughout the year.

Thanks to our legislative representatives for providing the best facilities, equipment and benefits for our service members. We couldn't save lives without your support and leadership.

And finally, special thanks to all members of the 129th Rescue Wing, past and present, for contributing to save more than 1,000 lives since 1977. On behalf of all our survivors and their families, thanks for the greatest gift of all - another day with family and friends.

Please continue to look out for one another and don't hesitate to ask a Wingman for assistance. The 129th Family Support Office has resources available to assist service members and their families to make the most of this holiday season. For additional information contact Ms. Carolann Wunderlin at (650) 603-9118.