Get ready - inspections are coming!

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- The wing has entered another inspection cycle that will lead us into our ACC Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) Feb. 4-9, 2010. I know that seems like a long way off, but we have plenty of work and other inspections before we get there. 

Our operations group kicks off the cycle this year with an Aircrew Stan/Eval Visit (ASEV) October 6-9. ASEV preparation will keep ops busy over the next five months and we all need to support their efforts. It may mean working around health exams, OJT and PME testing, flying schedules, TDYs and deployment preparation. The ASEV is an operations group inspection, but a wing grade. 

Next up is the medical group's Health Services Inspection (HSI) Feb. 5-8, 2009. Again, our support is vital to their success. The wing's immunizations, mask fit tests (QNFT), physical, dental and occupational health exams must be current. Ensure you are working with your supervisor, UDM and unit health monitor to schedule your visits. Show up to your appointments on time with your ID card and all necessary paperwork. This will help the medical group pass their inspection and also insure you are medically ready to deploy during our AEF cycle. 

After the HSI, the majority of the wing will continue preparation for our AEF cycle scheduled for May through August 2009. The current plan has the 129th Rescue Squadron with maintenance and support personnel leaving for four months and the 130th Rescue Squadron with their maintenance and support personnel deploying for approximately 45 days. Also during this cycle, mission support group personnel will be filling Expeditionary Combat Support positions through out the world. 

The Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Team (LSET) visit also comes during our AEF cycle, and is scheduled June 8-14, 2009. The maintenance group and the logistics support squadron will be busy showing their inspectors how well they do their jobs. This inspection will give the rest of the wing a flavor for how the UCI will be conducted. The LSET is an ANG inspection and currently ACC does not give the maintenance group or the logistics support squadron UCI credit for the inspection. Therefore, they will continue to review and improve their processes as they and the rest of the wing prepare for the UCI in February 2010. 

Throughout the next 18 months as you prepare for inspections and deployments, remember we have an excellent record because of your hard work and attention to detail. I have every confidence that you will continue to excel in all you do to the benefit of your fellow Airmen, the 129th Rescue Wing and the California Air National Guard. Our mission is saving lives and we do that by being prepared. Thanks for making it happen!