Wing Commander: Airmen's efforts enabling mission success

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- The 129th Rescue Wing is five weeks away from the Phase 1 Operational Readiness Inspection and I could not be more pleased with the levels of readiness and confidence displayed our total rescue team as we prepare for the return of the Headquarters ACC Inspector General in June.

The past six months have been transformational as the wing postures itself for the future. The payoff is already evident in terms of aircraft operational reliability rates, readiness and fitness. The Adjutant General has acknowledged the incredible change noting that he has never seen such consistent full mission capable rates in the 129th dating back to his days as the J3.

100% of these accomplishments are credited to the outstanding Airmen assigned to the 129th Maintenance Group. When faced with challenge, they stood up and took charge of business. By applying standardization, innovation and team work, the 129th maintainers have brought the wing to the front of the pack in the Total Force. Our recent successes, bringing the wing's total save count to 951, reinforce this fact.

Maintenance cannot succeed without superior logistics. The support, efficiency and integration of the 129th Logistics Readiness Squadron has been instrumental to success. The recent stand up of a night shift on the flight line to support local night sorties and the relocation of the Maintenance Operations Center to Building 656 has afforded a decisive advantage in aircraft maintenance and generation.

Command and control has also improved significantly with the recent hire of our first full-time command post controller and improved situational awareness achieved through the wing's collaborative partnerships.

While our near term focus remains fixed on the ORI, it is important that we not lose focus on the threats that face our nation or the emergent crises that may strike California or the homeland when least expected. The strategic value of the 129th Rescue Wing is in its readiness to respond and specialized capabilities to react where other are unable to do so. This is our calling and our mission. Thank you all for your continued service and the difference you make in the lives of those who we have or will save in the future.