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  • The Airman's Creed

    Marines are always Marines regardless if they are an officer or enlisted. If one were to yell, "Hey, Soldier" at an Army base, both enlisted and officer would look over. Officer and enlisted in the Navy are always sailors. What about the Air Force? If one were to yell "Airman" in a crowded movie theater, who would turn around? Most likely it would
  • 129th members carry on tradition of professionalism and excellence

    Recently there was news that brought pride and recognition to the 129th Rescue Wing and the California Air National Guard. This news makes me proud to serve here and it should make you proud too. Three members from the 129th received national recognition, which spotlighted their dedication to the 129th mission, professional development, mentorship,
  • Get ready - inspections are coming!

    The wing has entered another inspection cycle that will lead us into our ACC Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) Feb. 4-9, 2010. I know that seems like a long way off, but we have plenty of work and other inspections before we get there. Our operations group kicks off the cycle this year with an Aircrew Stan/Eval Visit (ASEV) October 6-9. ASEV