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  • 2009 AEF deployments take off

    The 129th Rescue Wing recently deployed more than a 100 Airmen half-way around the world. At the end of April we sent our aircrews, support personnel and MC-130Ps to Djibouti, and a few days later we went through the deployment process again to get our HH-60G folks out the door to Afghanistan. All of the deployment groups made it over to their
  • May 'flywheel' push: Force development

    In May our push on the flywheel is to create an environment where each Airman is given the full potential to grow, learn, progress and develop, as they strive to unleash their full potential in the pursuit of greatness. Here are the focus areas for force development:1. Professional Military Education: Encouraging our Airman to further pursue their
  • We are better together than we are alone

    The Flywheel is still spinning in April, and we need your collective efforts to keep pushing the Flywheel. Now is the time for us to place all of our hands on the Flywheel and give it one BIG push to keep the momentum going. As an Airman, I don't have to look like you, think, be or speak like you to stand with and advocate for you. As Airmen, we
  • The vital role of “Shirt”

    In the Air Force, a unique special duty opportunity exists for immediately promotable Technical Sergeants or Master Sergeants to step outside his or her career field and into a position where they can take leading Airmen to a new level. The job isn't an easy one; it's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and yet one of the most fulfilling positions a
  • Still pushing the 'flywheel,' building a legacy

    We will continue to push the 'flywheel' in support of legacy for the month of March. Our Legacy Creed: My distinctive contribution -- it reflects my commitment to leaving the Air National Guard better each day because I am here. I will leave a tradition of honor and a legacy of valor! Today, I will "earn this." March is National Women's History
  • HRA: Continuing the flywheel momentum

    Now that we've established the foundation and kick-started the year with a push on the "flywheel" with TRUST, let's continue the momentum with RESPECT this month. America's promise is a moral imperative that every life is precious and every spirit deserves dignity and respect. In the military, we salute our superior officers as a sign of respect,
  • Unit Climate Assessment: Wing receives positive ratings

    Everyone should have received an e-mail notification in November about the 129th Rescue Wing Climate Assessment. This shouldn't be confused with the Air Force Climate Assessment, which was a separate survey given during the same time period.Overall, 54% of the wing participated in the survey. I'm sure you have all heard the phrase, "Your feedback
  • Remain 'on guard' to save lives at home and abroad

    We've run the gamut this year...two 500 mile over-water rescue missions this summer, deployment of type II firefighters, and several firefighter saves and medevacs during the Northern California wildfires. Oh, by the way, we also dropped more than 150,000 gallons of water over the fires. Soon after we had a pause in the fire business, we responded
  • Feedback isn't a one-way street

    Recently I stayed at a hotel and it was the most pleasant stay I've had at a hotel in quite some time. On my final day I was having lunch in the hotel restaurant and noticed two of the hotel's housekeeping staff (in uniform) getting ready to sit down to a very nice lunch. A few minutes later they were joined by a distinguished-looking man wearing a
  • Operation Lightning Strike: An epic start to an early fire season

    As you all know, in late June wildfires rapidly engulfed Northern California due to hundreds of lightning strikes. In the face of this state emergency, aptly named Operation Lightning Strike, the men and women of the 129th were ready to assist. We first started out the firefight by sending key personnel to help support the 24/7 operations at the