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Cal Guardsmen receive priority placement at CSU schools

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Are you applying to a California State University for Academic Year 2010?

If you're an Airman who wants to be a Cal-State student, you can apply to have priority placement in academic year 2010. If selected, you will be guaranteed admission to a CSU campus.

The California National Guard quota is limited, but covers the majority of the 23 CSU campuses. Interested parties will need to apply by Nov. 13, 2009.

Applications will be accepted from current California National Guard members  in good standing who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. The application consists of  five major components:

1. The California National Guard application form (contact your supervisor, Hilary Datsko at hilary.datsko@us.army.mil  or
Christine Waite at christine.waite@us.army.mil for the application.)

2. A letter from the applicant, expressing interest in receiving placement priority into the CSU system and describing educational goals (major) and military/civilian career aspirations, and possibly addressing any shortcomings with their past civilian education.

3. A copy of military transcripts from the USAF Air University, Community College of the Air Force, Online Transcript System, which are free and available at http://www.au.af.mil/au/ccaf/transcripts.asp.  

4. A hard copy of the 2010-2011 California State University Undergraduate Application for Admission (available online at www.csumentor.edu). Please ensure that the CSU campus selected offers the desired course of study. For available majors they should go to www.csumentor.edu , click on "EXPLORE CAMPUSES", click on "EXPLORE MAJORS."

5. Lastly, unofficial transcripts for all civilian colleges/universities attended. Those applicants with fewer than 60 college credits must also include unofficial high school transcripts.

Please send completed applications, to arrive no later than Nov. 13 to:

CAAD-G1-CE (Box 26)
Attn: Ms Waite
9800 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA 95826-9101

In late November 2009, the JFHQ-CA will convene a board for selecting Guard members for special admission priority (SAP). It is anticipated that applicants will be notified whether or not they were selected no later than February 2010. Once notified of selection, the applicant will need to submit a $55.00 check made out to "California State University."

Please note that if the Soldier or Airman currently has an application pending with the CSU system, this process will not affect their current SAP application. In other words, they should not withdraw their current application. However, they should certainly be encouraged to apply for this "Troops to College" opportunity to possibly boost their standing for admission.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Hilary Datsko at hilary.datsko@us.army.mil or 916-854-3151, or Christine Waite at christine.waite@us.army.mil or 916-854-3225.