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Changes Enforced on Physical Fitness Test

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Effective July 1, 2010 all Airmen fitness testing will be scored under new Air Force fitness standards in compliance with Air Force Instruction 36-2905, Fitness Program.

AFI 10-248, Fitness Program, will be redesignated AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program.

The AFI indicates that Air National Guard Airmen, including Active Duty Guardsmen and traditional Guardsmen will fitness test 12 months after their last calendar year test date, then repeat once a year requiring a minimum passing score in each component and receive a total score of at least 75.

ANG Title 10 servicemembers assigned to the National Guard Bureau on statutory tour will test under the provisions of AFI 10-248, Para 2b, "bi-annual physical fitness testing."

According to AFI 36-2905, Fitness Program, the major changes also include the establishment of a Fitness Assessment Cell to centralize and standardize the administration of fitness assessments, and a revised weighting and scoring component based on a health-fitness hierarchy.

Test components are scored on a 0 to 100 scale based on age, gender and the following maximum component scores: 60 points for aerobic, 20 points for body composition, 10 points for push-ups and 10 points for sit-ups.

Airmen testing through June 2010 under the present scoring standards will receive two score cards. The first score card will be calculated using present score charts and will be loaded into the Air Force Fitness Management System. This score will be used to document evaluation reports as "meets" or "does not meet" standards or "exempt."

The second score card will be calculated using the new score charts that become effective in July 2010 and serves as a means for Airmen and commanders to gauge performance under the new scoring system.

The intent of this AFI is to encourage Airmen to be physically fit to properly support the Air Force mission. The goal of the Fitness Program is to motivate all members to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program that emphasizes total fitness, to include proper aerobic conditioning, strength/flexibility training, and healthy eating.

The Fitness Assessment provides commanders with a tool to assist in the determination of overall fitness of their military personnel.

For more information regarding AFI 36-2905 please visit http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/shared/media/epubs/AFI%2036-2905.pdf

New fitness standard frequently asked questions
When does the new Fitness Program take effect?
A: If you test between Jan - Jun 2010, then you will test under the current AFI 10-248 standards. All members testing 1 Jul 2010 and after will test under the new AFI 36-2905 standards

Q: When is the new AFI being published and released?
A: AFGM 10-248 was released on 4 Jan 2010. AFI 36-2905 will be released at a later date.

Q: Will members be required to test twice a year?
A: All ANG members (except Title 10, Stat Tour) will test annually.

Q: Who will test ANG members at co-located bases?
A: Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC)

Q: Who will test ANG members at non co-located bases?
A: It is the wing commanders program; however, we encourage that PTLs conduct Fitness Assessments (FA) on members outside their squadrons. (ex. PTL from SFS will complete FA for members of the FSS)

Q: How do we enroll members into fitness improvement programs when we are not co-located to an installation with a FAC?
A: CBT's are being developed for non co-located bases. Members that fail the FA will be able to complete their fitness improvement class by utilizing these CBTs.

Q: Will Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPM) still utilize the Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS)?
A: Yes, AFFMS is going to calculate scores under the current standards through Jun, 30 2010.

Q: How will we know if we are prepared under the new fitness standards if we test between Jan to Jun 2010?
A: PTLs should manually calculate scores for members under the new standards during this time frame.

Q: How do we manually calculate the step test?
A: There is no way to manually calculate the step test. Step tests have been removed from the new program. Members will have to practice/prepare for the Aerobic portion of the FA unless exempted by medical authority.