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The UCI results are in

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- The 129th Rescue Wing wrapped up its week-long Air Combat Command Unit Compliance Inspection here Feb. 9, with a majority of wing sections receiving satisfactory results.

There is no overarching pass or fail grade for ACC UCIs. Instead, critical compliance objectives, or key areas for mission success, were looked at and graded on a "complies," "complies with comments" or "does not comply" scale. According to the UCI report, 91% of the wing's critical compliance objectives were in compliance.

"Overall, the Inspector General team confirmed that the wing is functioning well," said Col. Amos Bagdasarian, 129th Rescue Wing Commander. "There are areas that need improvement and we're focused on resolving these deficiencies."

During the course of the inspection, 55 ACC IG team members met with unit personnel to discuss how their areas operate. The IG team used ACC and Air National Guard staff-approved Compliance and Standardization Requirements Lists to verify the unit's compliance with public law, executive orders, and higher headquarters directives, according to the UCI report.

If a divergence from the applicable standards was noted by an inspector, they didn't just write a big red X in the "does not comply" category.

"The IG team's goal was to validate and also educate," Colonel Bagdasarian said. "Inspectors offered solutions to help resolve discrepancies and improve processes."

This was the first ACC UCI for the 129th since it transferred from Air Force Special Operations Command in 2006.

"I want to thank everyone for their hard work and many hours spent preparing for the inspection," Colonel Bagdasarian said. "I'm also proud of your professionalism displayed during the inspection - the IG team appreciated everyone's helpful demeanor and positive attitude."

Teams and personnel recognized for superior performance are as follows:

Intelligence Team, 129th OSF; Travel Pay Team, 129th RQW; Capt Timothy J. Barber, 130th RQS; 2nd Lt. Johnathon E. McCashland, 129th RQS; Senior Master Sgt. Neal B. Crisman, 129th FSF; Senior Master Sgt. Darryl B. Dyson, 129th LRS; Master Sgt. Fred M. Baluyot, Jr., 129th LRS; Master Sgt. Ronald S. Blancas, 129th FSF; Master Sgt. Marc A. Brouillard, 129th FSF; Master Sgt. Ruben Cortez, 129th LRS; Master Sgt. Kkoby D. Griffin, 129th CEF; Master Sgt. Adriana Herrera, 129th RQW; Master Sgt. Michael P. Kenny, 131 RQS; Master Sgt. Thau Long, 129th LRS; Master Sgt. Shawn A. McGrath, 131st RQS; Master Sgt. Anthony J. Quartaro, 129th MXS; Master Sgt. Miguel F. Toro, 130th RQS; Tech Sgt. Maricela G. Davis, 129th SFS; Tech Sgt. David A. Gaurdreau II, 129th AMXS; Tech Sgt. Christopher M. Hernandez, 129th CF; Tech Sgt. Gregory A. Hicks, 129th LRS; Tech Sgt. Geoffrey W. Lewis, 129th LRS; Tech Sgt. Emmanuel Matsamura, Jr., 129th OSF; Tech Sgt. Megan L. Metzger, 129th FSF; Tech Sgt. Douglas J. Montgomery, 129th SFS; Tech Sgt. Heidi J. Quartaro, 130th RQS; Tech Sgt. Luigge Romanillo, 131st RQS; Tech Sgt. Rachel M. Velasco, 129th FSF; Staff Sgt. Steven M. Bjerk, 129th LRS; Staff Sgt. Gregorio T. Enriquez IV, 129th LRS; Staff Sgt. Joseph Valdivia, 129th LRS; Staff Sgt. Leslie Zapata, 129th OSF; Senior Airman Alana R. Groshong, 129th CEF; Senior Airman Michael S. Joslin, 129th LRS; Senior Airman Hong T. Zhou, 129th LRS; Airman 1st Class Silvino R. Reyes, 129th LRS; and Ms. Karen A. Carr, 129th LRS.