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February UTA News & Notes

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Airmen and families can use this compilation of news bits to prepare for the upcoming UTA weekend.

Welcome New 129th Members!
- Tech Sgt. Benjamin Ashment, 129 AMXS
- Staff Sgt. Bee Vue, 129 SFS
- Senior Airman Clinton Bailey, 129 SFS
- Senior Airman Robert Finley, 129 MXS
- Senior Airman Efren Mendoza, 130 RQS
- Senior Airman Austin Stoker, 129 AMXS
- Airman 1st Class Pedro Bautista, 129 AMXS
- Airman 1st Class Noah Farr, 131 RQS
- Airman 1st Class Adam Malacara, 129 AMXS
- Airman 1st Class Jacob Montoya, 129 AMXS
- Airman 1st Class Juan Torres, 129 SFS
- Airman 1st Class Ezechi Wachuku, 129 AMXS

The following members have recently been promoted to their current rank.
- Tech Sgt. Michael Hensley, 129 SFS
- Tech Sgt. Jamickael Yanez, 129 RQS
- Staff Sgt. Bryson Barnette, 129 SFS
- Staff Sgt. Joseph Mulson, 129 SFS
- Staff Sgt. Christopher Wiltron, 129 SFS
- Staff Sgt. Thavi Yang, 129 SFS
- Senior Airman Maurice Canapi-Figueras, 129 SFS

Thank You for Your Service!
We wish the following retired, separated and transferred members well
- Chief Master Sgt. Ratcliff Warner, 149 CCS
- Staff Sgt. Nathan Angel, 129 LRS
- Staff Sgt. Erick Castro, 129 LRS
- Staff Sgt. Jerecho Manay, 129 RQW
- Staff Sgt. Joshua Queen, 149 CCS
- Staff Sgt. Brian Wilkes, 129 MXG
- Staff Sgt. Jonathan Wilson, 131 RQS
- Airman 1st Class Christina Jenkins, 129 LRS

Well Done, Graduates!
The following Airmen graduated from Professional Military Education this month.
- Capt. Bryan Williams, 129 FSF, Squadron Officer School
- Tech. Sgt. Tiejie Jones, 129 RQS, ANG Noncommissioned Officer Academy

2011 UTA, ORE and ORI Schedule
Use the following schedule for drill attendance as opposed to the TAG special order M-1.
February 5-6: War Skills College
March 5-6
April 9-11
: CRTC War College/Exercise Training
- April 9-10: UTA
- April 11: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
May 14-20: Phase I/II ORE
- May 14-15: May UTA
- May 16-17: July 2011 RUTA (as designated by Commander)
- May 18-20: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
June 4-5
July 9-10
: RUTA (May 16-17 as designated by Commander)
August 6-7: Ancillary Block Training
September 10-11
October 1
-7: Phase I/II ORE
- Oct. 1-2: UTA
- Oct. 3-4: February 2012 RUTA (as designated by Commander)
- Oct. 5-7: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
November 5-6
December 3-10
: Phase I/II ORI
- Dec. 3-4: UTA
- Dec. 5-10: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)

Religious Services Schedule
Chapel services have been moved from the MXG classroom to the new Family Reception area of bldg 669. Services take place every Sunday morning of UTA drill weekend in Building 650.
- Catholic Mass: 10:15-10:45
- Non-denominational services: 11:00 - 11:30

Air Guard, Reserve Officials Announce 2011 Teen Leadership Summits
The Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Teen Leadership Summits combine high-adventure activities with leadership classes for allowing teens, ages 14 to 18, to tap into their leadership potential and discover hidden strengths while developing a sense of belonging to the Air Force community. Participants must have a parent in the Air Force Reserve and submit their application before April 8. Teens must answer essay questions and complete the code-of-conduct and transportation forms to attend one of the sessions, application can be found at www.georgia4h.org/AFRANGTeenSummit. If selected, Airfare, transportation while at the Summit, camp fees, lodging and meals are covered by Air Force. Parents will be responsible for getting their teen to/from the airport, baggage fees, spending money for snacks, souvenirs and meals during airline travel. The following Teen Leadership Summits are scheduled for summer 2011:

Classic Teen Leadership Summit: June 19-24, Wahsega 4-H Center in Dahlonega, GA
During the summit, participants will take part in group activities such as high ropes, zip-line canopy tour, white-water rafting, hiking, fishing, archery and survival classes. The participants will also attend leadership classes throughout the week.

Capitol Teen Leadership Summit: July 24-29, Washington, DC
Attendees will focus on citizenship, character building and high adventure. Their experience will include exploring the wonders of the nation's capital, such as monuments, memorials and the Smithsonian museums. They will also have the chance to meet with their congressional member or a member of his or her staff (this summit is for teens who have previously attended an AFR/ANG Teen Summit).

Adventure Teen Leadership Summit: Aug. 9-14, Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, CO
During the summit, participants will take part in daily adventure activities including hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, horse colt training, arts and crafts, woodworking, technical rock climbing, and archery. Leadership classes taught throughout the week include the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. They will gather for programs including campfires and songs, musical performances and environmental education classes.

For more information, please contact Family Member Programs at afrc.youthprograms@us.af.mil or Stacey Young at 478-327-0971 or stacey.young@us.af.mil. For additional information about Georgia 4-H, visit http://www.georgia4h.org/AFRANGTeenSummit.

2010-2011 California National Guard Educational Assistance Award Program
The CNG EAAP has proven beneficial for soldiers and airmen, providing financial support for those pursuing higher education. Applications, and renewal applications, for the spring term of 2011 are still being accepted. New applications for the 2011-2012 academic year will open 15 April 2011. Those interested need to applying for the institution and submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

New Applicant Procedures
Complete on-line the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the online EAAP application. Download, print, and sign the Statement of Understanding, and have it signed by their commander. These documents are available at www.calguard.ca.gov/education under the heading "It Takes Three."

Renewal Applicant Procedures
Current EAAP participants must submit a "Renewal Statement of Understanding" and a Renewal Application, available at www.calguard.ca.gov/education and under the heading "For Renewal of Current Program Awardees."

If you have any questions or need additional information concerning the CNG EAAP please email Katrina Beck at Katrina.beck2@us.army.mil, call 916-854-4255 or fax 916-854-3439.

Air Force Association Scholarship and Grant Opportunities
AFA is an independent, nonprofit, civilian education organization promoting public understanding of aerospace power and the pivotal role it plays in the security of the nation. AFA has a variety of scholarships available for Airmen and their families. For more information, go to http://www.afa.org/aef/aid/scholars.asp.

Combat Women Veterans Retreat
The Coming Home Project is holding a free and confidential retreat for female veterans and service members Feb. 10-13, 2011 in Oceanside, Calif. During this four-day retreat attendees will focus on healing, connecting, and finding inner strength. Women will connect with other veterans by sharing stories and experiences, learn stress management techniques, exercise their creative side and enjoy the beautiful setting at Mission San Luis Rey. All women veterans and those still serving who deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since Sept. 11, 2011 are eligible to attend. Go to www.cominghomeproject.ne to apply. For additional information, contact Amanda Schoeneman at 415-353-5363.

Government Facebook Pages: Quick, Easy, Beneficial
While on Facebook, take a moment to search the realm of government agencies offering easy access to their help and information. These pages can be used to connect to their official websites, gather contact information and often post or send messages for quicker responses. Below is a list of helpful Facebook pages to search:
- 129th Rescue Wing
- The Post-9/11 GI Bill, U.S. Department of Veterans
- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
- United States Air Force
- Airman Magazine
- Department of Defense (DoD)
- Military OneSource
- AAFES, Your Military BX/PX (Official Page)
- Tutor.com Online Tutoring for Military Families
- Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Commissary On-site Sale
Take advantage of spectacular savings on popular grocery items at the Commissary On-site Sale. The Moffett Field Commissary is traveling to Coast Guard Island in Alameda to host an On-site Sale. The sale will take place at in Coast Guard Island's gymnasium (building 16) located on Campbell Blvd, Alameda, 94501. Sale will be in effect Thurs. Feb. 10 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. National Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, and active duty military service members and dependents can take advantage of the great savings at the Commissary. Sale items may include paper products, soap and cleaning products, canned goods, sodas, sport drinks, water, laundry detergents, and a variety of other products at savings of 30 percent or more! For information about this Commissary and other locations near you, please visit www.commissaries.com. For more information please contact the Moffett Field Commissary representatives, Raul Abrego and Brandon Montgomery, at 650-603-9981.

How to Recover From Holiday Debt
With 2011 off to a quick start, there is no time to waste when paying off last year's holiday bills. Now is a great time to establish a budget and work toward being debt free. Military OnceSource offers information regarding steps to validate your new budget by monitoring expenses and adjusting as necessary. They offer tips to get out of debt, such as only using credit cards for expenses that can be paid off at the end of the month, or stop using them completely. Setting a goal to pay off all credit cards, living by the budget, and then starting to save are all listed in Military OnceSource's budget plan. Go to www.militaryonesource.com for more information.

No Texting While Driving on Base
To all 129th RQW personnel from Col. Amos Bagdasarian, 129th Rescue Wing Commander: NASA Security has notified the wing that a large number of 129th personnel have been observed using cell phones/handheld devices while driving motor vehicles on Moffett Field; this is not allowed By Federal Law on federal property. NASA Security has the ability cite persons in violation of motor laws. The fine for using a cell phone while driving if ticketed by NASA is more than $100. Don't take any chances. DRIVE SAFELY!