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April UTA News & Notes

Moffett Federal Airfield, Calif. -- Airmen and families can use this compilation of news bits to prepare for the upcoming UTA weekend.

Welcome New 129th Members!
Maj. Laurie Davie, 129 MDG
Airman 1st Class Timothy Charles, 131 RQS
Airman 1st Class Everardo Dominguez, 129 OSF
Airman 1st Class Joshua Gomes, 561 Band
Airman 1st Class Hua Jason Hua, 129 SFS
Airman 1st Class Khiem Nguyen, 129 AMXS

The following members have recently been promoted to their current rank.
- Col. Steven Butow, 129 RQW
- Master Sgt. Seth Zweben, 131 RQS
- Master Sgt. James Broome, 129 CF
- Tech Sgt. Chris Klaftenegger, 131 RQS
- Staff Sgt. Terrence Klink, 129 OSF
- Senior Airman Jessica Green, 129 RQW
- Senior Airman Andrew Jablonski, 561 Band

Thank You for Your Service!
We wish the following retired, separated and transferred members well
- Lt. Col. Jodelle Ann Finnefrock, 162 CCG
- Tech. Sgt. Theresa Hunn, 129 LRS
- Tech. Sgt. Brian Lockett, 129 CF
- Tech. Sgt. Herman Niavez, 129 RQW
- Tech. Sgt. Allan Perry, 129 LRS
- Tech. Sgt. Fred Tarbox, CA ANG HQ
- Staff Sgt. Adriele Cabatian, 129 SFS
- Staff Sgt. Stephan Head, 129 CF
- Staff Sgt. Amrk Jaojoco, 129 AMXS
- Senior Airman Teresa Buie, 129 LRS
- Senior Airman Tracy Dominguez, 129 LRS
- Senior Airman Cursenda Patino, 129 MXS

Well Done!
The Air National Guard's top recruiters were celebrated for their accomplishments in the 2010 recruiting year at the annual Recruiting and Retention Workshop in Orlando, Fla. this month. Congratulations to all California ANG Recruiting and Retention teams, to include Master Sgt. Michael Vargas, Master Sgt. Marc Brouillard, Tech. Sgt. Radoslaw Ciesielski and Tech. Sgt. Khamsone Manisisaket with the 129th Rescue Wing, for being recognized as the top recruiting state in the nation, earning them the National Golden Eagle award. Additionally, Tech. Sgt. Ciesielski was named the national Rookie Production Recruiter of the Year for his exceptional performance during the 2010 recruiting year.

2011 UTA, ORE and ORI Schedule
Use the following schedule for drill attendance as opposed to the TAG special order M-1.
April 9-11: CRTC War College/Exercise Training
- April 9-10: UTA
- April 11: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
May 14-20: Phase I/II ORE
- May 14-15: May UTA
- May 16-17: July 2011 RUTA (as designated by Commander)
- May 18-20: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
June 4-5
July 9-10: RUTA
(May 16-17 as designated by Commander)
August 6-7: Ancillary Block Training
September 10-11
October 1-7: Phase I/II ORE
- Oct. 1-2: UTA
- Oct. 3-4: February 2012 RUTA (as designated by Commander)
- Oct. 5-7: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
November 5-6
December 3-10: Phase I/II ORI
- Dec. 3-4: UTA
- Dec. 5-10: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)

Religious Services Schedule
Chapel services have been moved from the MXG classroom to the new Family Reception area of bldg 669. Services take place every Sunday morning of UTA drill weekend in Building 650.
- Catholic Mass: 10:15-10:45
- Non-denominational services: 11:00 - 11:30

Helicopter Non-Rated Pilot Positions Available
The 129th Rescue Squadron is looking for qualified candidates to fill Traditional Guardsman positions operating the HH-60G Pave Hawk Helicopter. Pilot applicants must meet the following requirements:
 - must be 28½ or younger
 - must have a bachelor's degree
 - must pass a DOD background investigation for a SECRET clearance
 - must have 20/20 uncorrected near vision and 20/70 uncorrected far vision
 - must meet minimum scores for the following areas of the Air Force Officers Qualification Test (AFOQT)
   + verbal score: greater than 15
   + quantities score: greater than 10
   + pilot score: 10
   + combined pilot and navigator score: greater than 50
 - must pass a USAF Flying Class 1 Physical

Applicants must not have had any UCMJ action (eg. Article 15), DWI/DUI, or previous drug/substance usage You must live within 150 miles of Moffett Federal Airfield or commit to relocate to this area and be able to support yourself financially in the Bay Area. You must not have had a Government Travel Card revoked or overdue outstanding balance. You must be up front about any medical issues. Please contact the POC below for information on the next hiring board:
Capt David Weidman
DSN 359-9340
FAX 650-603-9321

Mail packages to:
ATTN: Capt David Weidman
656 Johnny Luv Lane
Moffett Federal Airfield, CA 94035

Attention all 129th Airfield Driving Program Monitors
If you are in possession of a green Air Force Form 483 Competency Card, you will need to see your Airfield Driving Program Monitor (ADPM) to obtain a new one. Green AF 483's will not be recognized after July 2011 UTA! Go see your ADPM immediately to find out the process to get a new one! Also, All ADPM's who have not been through the new training must schedule an appointment with Senior Master Sgt. Ronald Carson, the 129th Rescue Wing's Air Field Manager, at ronald.carson@ang.af.mil or 650-603-9720 as soon as possible.

National Guard News Mobile App
The Official Homepage of the National Guard is on the iPhone and iPad! All of the news form NG.mil can now be carried with you and read in a mobile friendly manner. Read the latest article, view the newest pictures, and watch the latest Minuteman videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The app also allows you to share the latest Guardmember news with your friends and family via email, Twitter, Facebook and more. Take advantage of this new application by downloading it from iTunes or read more about it here http://www.ng.mil/features/mobileapp/default.aspx.

Government Facebook Pages: Quick, Easy, Beneficial
While on Facebook, take a moment to search the realm of government agencies offering easy access to their help and information. These pages can be used to connect to their official websites, gather contact information and often post or send messages for quicker responses. Below is a list of helpful Facebook pages to search:
- 129th Rescue Wing
- The Post-9/11 GI Bill, U.S. Department of Veterans
- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
- United States Air Force
- Airman Magazine
- Department of Defense (DoD)
- Military OneSource
- AAFES, Your Military BX/PX (Official Page)
- Tutor.com Online Tutoring for Military Families
- Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Stay TRICARE Eligible: Keep DEERS Up-To-Date
Beneficiaries who have recently experienced a life changing event, such as the birth or adoption of a child, or recent divorce or marriage, should immediately record these changes in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System, or DEERS. If they wait, their TRICARE benefit coverage could be affected. With questions regarding your DEERS information please contact Master Sgt. Rachel Forman at 650-603-9197 or Tech. Sgt. Tracy Fey at 650-603-9176.

Air Force Marathon Officials Seek Volunteer Coordinators
Volunteer coordinators do not need to have base access; however, previous marathon or volunteer management experience is desirable. To take part in the action and to fill out a volunteer coordinator application, visit www.usafmarathon.com.

Jobs Website Continues to Ease Application Process for Employees
The Air Force-wide online job board www.NAFjobs.org makes it easier for job seekers to find and apply for nonappropriated fund, or NAF, federal job vacancies at Air Force clubs, golf courses, child development centers, youth centers, bowling centers, outdoor recreation centers and many other activities.

Civilian Employees Should Start Education Applications Early
Hundreds of professional development opportunities are available annually for civilian employees at all levels. Many of those slots go unfilled, in part because eligible candidates wait until the last minute to prepare and staff their application packages. The civilian developmental education call is open now with applications due May 1. Information on all civilian developmental education programs is available on the AFPC Force Development website at http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.

VA Launches New PSA on Suicide Prevention for Veterans
Department of Veterans Affairs officials are reaching out to veterans in crisis and their families in a new public service announcement to raise awareness about suicide prevention resources, such as the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Check out the VA's official YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/DeptVetAffairs, where you'll find collection videos on America's Veterans, their family members, and the work VA is doing in communities throughout the country. View the PSA at www.youtube.com/user/VeteransHealthAdmin#p/u/1/PPL7CAHixQE.

6th Annual Veterans and their Families Resource Fair
The San Jose Veterans Center Advisory Council would like to cordially invite you to the 6th Annual Veterans and their Families Resource Fair. The fair is slated for Sat, Apr. 16 from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds located at 344 Tully Road in San Jose. This annual event provides military veterans and their family's access to much needed information about resources available to them for their service to our country, all under one roof for this one day. I would like to say that this event is one of our ways of supporting the military veterans and thanking them for putting their lives on the line for freedom, justice, and liberty.

Air Force 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Training Detailed
Air Force officials will soon begin training Airmen in anticipation of the repeal of the law and policy commonly known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." This training will help Airmen understand what is expected in a post-repeal environment. The first tier of training will focus on Air Force experts responsible for implementing policy changes and personnel providing repeal-related services to Airmen. This group includes several functional communities including chaplains, judge advocates and benefit counselors. The second tier will focus on Air Force leaders, and will assist commanders, senior NCOs, and civilian supervisors in preparing for and implementing repeal. The final tier will train and prepare the broader force while reinforcing expectations of professional and personal conduct through engagement by experts and leaders at all levels. To read more about the slated training please read the information provided at http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123242364.

First Lady, Dr. Biden to Launch Military Family Awareness Campaign
Dr. Biden, who is the wife of Vice President Joe Biden and a Blue Star Mother from the state of Delaware, and first lady Michelle Obama, launched a campaign in March designed to rally citizens, businesses and nonprofit organizations to provide support for servicemembers and their families. Dr. Biden said this initiative was created to recognize the sacrifices families make when they have a deployed Guard member and to identify and fix some of the shortfalls that happen back home when a Guard member is gone. Visit http://www.serve.gov, an online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own, to share how you're supporting those who serve.