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June UTA News and Notes

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Airmen and families can use this compilation of news bits to prepare for the upcoming UTA weekend.

2011 UTA, ORE and ORI Schedule
Use the following schedule for drill attendance as opposed to the TAG special order M-1.
June 4-5
July 9-10
August 6-7
September 10-11
October 1-7: Phase I/II ORE
- Oct. 1-2: UTA
- Oct. 3-4: February 2012 RUTA (as designated by Commander)
- Oct. 5-7: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)
November 5-6
December 3-10: Phase I/II ORI
- Dec. 3-4: UTA
- Dec. 5-10: Annual Training (as designated by Commander)

Welcome New 129th Members!
- Master Sgt. Christine Wood, 129 RQW
- Tech Sgt. Dianna Evans, 129 SFS
- Staff Sgt. Heston Lubiano, 129 LRS
- Staff Sgt. Danny Mejia, 129 MXS
- Staff Sgt. Lisa Silva, 129 LRS
- Senior Airman Sarah Graves, 129 MDG
- Senior Airman Sundance Scardino, 131 RQS
- AirmanĀ 1st Class Anthony Vitela, 129 SFS

Congratulations! The following members have recently been promoted to their current rank.
- Master Sgt. Winston Cobb, 129 MXS
- Master Sgt. Sean Kirsch, 131 RQS
- Master Sgt. Jose Hernandez-Leon, 129 LRS
- Master Sgt. Geoffrey Norton, 129 RQW
- Master Sgt. Joel Mattenson, 129 MXS
- Master Sgt. Neal Prescott, 129 MXG
- Tech Sgt. Moses Cohen, 129 SFS
- Tech Sgt. Elijah Jackson, 129 SFS
- Tech Sgt. Brian Roshon, 129 LRS
- Staff Sgt. Sidney Davis, 129 RQW
- Staff Sgt. Artem Morozov, 129 LRS
- Senior Airman Mario Beaver,129 FSF
- AirmanĀ 1st Class Kevin Leon,129 RQW

Thank you for your service! We wish the following retired, separated and transferred members well.
- Capt. Robert Effler, 131 RQS
- Chief Master Sgt. Uwanna Perras, 129 MXS
- Master Sgt. Steven Repetto,149 CCS
- Master Sgt. Danilo Guerrero,129 MXS
- Tech Sgt. Blake Rudis,131 RQS
- Tech Sgt. Paul Williams, 129 FSF
- Staff Sgt. Davis Brown, 129 MXG
- Staff Sgt. Jeanie Holland, 129 LRS
- Staff Sgt. Milford Kelly, 129 MXS

New "vPC-GR Basics" electronic Learning Tool (eLT) for Air National Guard Members
The first in a planned series of web-based interactive courses being developed for transformed personnel processes, this course gives you an overview of the virtual Personnel Center - Guard & Reserve (vPC-GR). It shows, through guided simulations, how to establish an account, use the dashboard, and manage action requests/work. vPC-GR provides the ANG and AFR online services for submitting personnel action requests, coordinating requests, and managing cases.

The eLT is available via the Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS) website (https://golearn.csd.disa.mil). View it by going to the "Course List" page, where it's found under the "Miscellaneous" category. Any questions or comments on the course should be directed to NGB/A1XT, Mrs Alison Dougherty, email: alison.dougherty@ang.af.mil

Government Facebook pages: Quick, easy, beneficial
While on Facebook, take a moment to search the realm of government agencies offering easy access to their help and information. These pages can be used to connect to their official websites, gather contact information and often post or send messages for quicker responses. Below is a list of helpful Facebook pages to search:
- 129th Rescue Wing
- The Post-9/11 GI Bill, U.S. Department of Veterans
- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
- United States Air Force
- Airman Magazine
- Department of Defense (DoD)
- Military OneSource
- AAFES, Your Military BX/PX (Official Page)
- Tutor.com Online Tutoring for Military Families
- Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP)