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July UTA News and Notes

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Airmen and families can use this compilation of news bits to prepare for the upcoming UTA weekend.

2011-2012 UTA, ORE and ORI Schedule
Use the following schedule for drill attendance as opposed to the TAG special order M-1 dated 1 Oct 09 and M-2 dated 15 Oct 10.

August 6-7: Vigilant Sword 11-2 Phase I ORE (Aug UTA)
September 9-11: Volk field CRTC Phase II War College/Exercise Training (Fri-Sun
- 9 Sep (AT day)
- 10-11 Sep (Sep UTA)
October 1-2: Vigilant Sword 12-1 Phase I ORE (Oct UTA)
November 5-6
December 2-5: Coronet White Phase I ORI (Fri - Mon) (4 AT days)

7-8 Jan
2-5 Feb: Vigilant Sword 12-2 Phase II ORE (Thu - Sun)
- 2-3 Feb (Dec RUTA)
- 4-5 Feb (Feb UTA)
3-4 Mar
12-15 Apr: Vigilant Sword 12-3 Phase II ORE (Thu-Sun)
- 12-13 Apr (Jun RUTA)
- 14-15 Apr (Apr UTA)
5-6 May
8-12 Jun Coronet White Phase II ORI (Fri-Tue) (5 AT Days)
7-8 Jul
4-5 Aug
8-9 Sep
13-14 Oct: Soaring Angel 13-1 Exercise
3-4 Nov
1-2 Dec

Welcome new 129th members!

- Captain Edward Newman, 129 AMX
- Staff Sergeant Stephen Head, 129 LRS
- Staff Sergeant Daryl Salvan, 129 SFS
- Senior Airman William Chaddock, 129 SFS
- Senior Airman Benjamin Grant, 131 RQS
- Senior Airman Benny Huang, 129 MXS
- Senior Airman Michael Smith, 129 AMX
- Senior Airman Scott Wall, 129 SFS
- Airman 1st Class Luke Coleman, 129 SFS
- Airman 1st Class William De Guzman, 129 SFS
- Airman 1st Class Matt Ivler, 222 OSS
- Airman 1st Class Matthew Lopez, 129 AMX
- Airman 1st Class Dale Nunn, 129 FSF
- Airman 1st Class Daniel Rayray, 222 OSS
- Airman 1st Class Peter Sammet, 129 RQW
- Airman 1st Class Neil Toland, 222 OSS
- Airman 1st Class Brent Williams, 129 SFS

Congratulations! The following members have recently been promoted to their current rank.

- Master Sergeant Sally Ford, 129 RQW
- Tech Sergeant Dennis Cachuela, 129 RQW
- Tech Sergeant Westley Hammond, 129 MXS
- Tech Sergeant Kenneth Ringlein, 129 RQS

Thank you for your service! We wish the following retired, separated and transferred members well.

- Lieutenant Colonel Rhys Hunt, 129 RQS
- Major Ryan Montanez, 131 RQS
- Senior Master Sergeant Alice Allersmeyer, 149 CCS
- Tech Sergeant Tanya Fogg, 129 MDG
- Tech Sergeant Lee Latona, 130 RQS
- Tech Sergeant Steven Sirois, 129 RQS
- Staff Sergeant Raymond Dempsey, 129 MXS
- Staff Sergeant Araceli, Inda 129 MXS
- Staff Sergeant Paul Morin, 129 MXS
- Staff Sergeant John Schultz, 129 LRS
- Senior Airman Jacob Davis, 129 CES
- Senior Airman Ryan Lyau, 129 FSF
- Senior Airman Gustavo Guadamuz, 129 SFS

New Change Accessing vPC-GR

Coming in July 2011, access to the virtual Personnel Center - Guard and
Reserve (vPC-GR) moves to a new website called Air Force Personnel Services
or AFPERS. AFPERS recently launched in support of establishing a Total
Force source for online information and services for the Regular Air Force,
Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilian members, and retirees.

Although the access route changes, vPC-GR services remain the same with the
exception of a few functions that become part of the AFPERS website; for
example, account and profile management, and new requests. Everything
associated with a customer's vPC-GR account will still be there: action
requests, roles, coordinations, delegations, etc.

On the change date, a web redirect will take customers using the current
vPC-GR web address to AFPERS. AFPERS is a secure website so an account is
required. Once an account is obtained, access can be by either a userid and
password or a Common Access Card (CAC). Once logged into AFPERS no other
login is needed. Just click on the vPC-GR Dashboard link.

vPC-GR users that are also AFPERS account holders can use their AFPERS
userid and password or CAC for access. Customers with a vPC-GR account only
should use either their vPC-GR userid and password or their CAC at first
login and follow the prompt to change and add security information to
finalize their AFPERS account.

The AFPERS website, although in its beginning stage, provides convenience by
bringing together searchable information and access to online services, as
well as several other features. There are plans working now to make the
AFPERS website experience more personal in the near future.

Assistance for login errors or AFPERS website issues should be directed to
the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.

Summer Camp opportunity still available

July 22-23, 2011 Boots Off Camp at Navy Base Ventura, CA Ages 9-18 The objective of the Operation: Boots Off curriculum is to prepare kids for the return of their Service Member- a stressful time for any military family. Operation: Boots Off helps young people map out and implement individualized plans that will assist them in navigating the reunion and reintegration process in a meaningful and educational way. Youth will have a chance to network and make connections with one another to create bonds. This camp is open to youth of any branch who have a loved one who is currently serving or has recently served in the military. To sign up, visit: http://ucanr.org/bootsoff or contact Crystal O'Hara at (530) 757-8968, crohara@ucdavis.edu.

Government Facebook pages: Quick, easy, beneficial
While on Facebook, take a moment to search the realm of government agencies offering easy access to their help and information. These pages can be used to connect to their official websites, gather contact information and often post or send messages for quicker responses. Below is a list of helpful Facebook pages to search:
- 129th Rescue Wing
- The Post-9/11 GI Bill, U.S. Department of Veterans
- U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
- United States Air Force
- Airman Magazine
- Department of Defense (DoD)
- Military OneSource
- AAFES, Your Military BX/PX (Official Page)
- Tutor.com Online Tutoring for Military Families
- Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP)