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Wing adds 129th Director of Psychological Health to its ranks

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Air National Guard leaders created new, wing-level positions last year to provide mental health support to Airmen and their families before and after deployments.

The 129th Rescue Wing recently added one of its own.

The wing welcomes Mr. David Haley, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as the 129th Wing Director of Psychological Health or WDPH. According to Haley, the three main tasks of the WDPH are to promote balanced mental health in times of increased stress, provide comprehensive education and clinical assessments, and to be an in-house behavioral health consultant.

"Everyone is always welcome to make an appointment and drop by to talk about a certain issue or to just think out loud," Haley said. His office is co-located with the chaplains in the wing headquarters building.

In addition to the mental health and non-medical support services, the WDPH is the point of contact for the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics program, the Yellow Ribbon program, Air Force suicide-prevention programs and the Air Force resiliency program, according to the National Guard Bureau.

"Although licensed I do not do treatment but conduct assessments and refer to local providers for continued service," Haley said. "I am available during regular business hours by phone or in person."

Haley has many years experience working with the military and noted his affiliations with the military, professionally and personally.

"I have extensive experience counseling active duty military, reservists and veterans. I have trained at the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and served as a volunteer at the VA hospital in Palo Alto, Poly Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury clinics," he said. "As a Military Family Life Consultant I have worked with active duty troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan."

In addition to working with the military in his current profession, Haley was also a Naval Fight Officer with 5,000 hours of flight. Most of his active duty and reserve flying was in P-3's at Moffett Field, he said. The military is a family affair for Haley as well.

"I have two sons serving in the military one in the USCG, TACLET South and one in USMC, Force RECON," he said. "I am aware of many of the stressors faced by unit members and their families that are associated with military service. I have been there too, including having family members in the war zone."

In case of emergency Haley can be reached 24/7 at 650-793-7097 and his email is david.haley.1@ang.af.mil.