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129th RQW Recruiting

129th Recruiting Office
1415B W El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040

Career Openings

Aerospace Maintenance (2A5X1J)
Troubleshoots and maintains aircraft structures, systems and components. Tests repaired components using mockups and test equipment. 

Information Management (3A0X1) 
Performs, supervises, or manages a variety of communications and information management tasks and activities. 

Pararescue (1T2X1) 
Performs as the essential surface, air link in Personnel and materiel recovery by functioning as the rescue and recovery specialist on flying status as mission crew or as surface elements. 

More Career Openings

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The ANG provides an opportunity for individuals to enjoy civilian life while contributing to the welfare of their country and state. They earn extra money, travel, learn a skill or trade, and enjoy a break from the daily routine of life.

  • Trades or Skills Available in the ANG: The majority of all ANG career fields are compatible to civilian jobs and provide an excellent opportunity to prepare for civilian employment. These fields include Telecommunications, Electronics, Aircraft Maintenance, Telephone Repair, Civil Engineering, Vehicle Repair, Law Enforcement, Medical, Computers, and Information Management. The above career fields are only a few of the many that the ANG has to offer.
  • Excellent Pay and Allowances: Where can you work two days a month and be paid for four days? That is exactly what you get for a Unit Training Assembly, or what we like to call a Drill Weekend. Your pay will depend on your rank or pay grade and length of time you have been a member of the military. There is no better part-time job opportunity in the state of California. You will also earn money while you learn. This is a great way to supplement your civilian income. While you attend basic, technical training or annual field training you will always be earning more money.
  • Life Insurance: As a member of the Air National Guard, you may purchase up to $400,000 worth of term life insurance for just $26 per month.
  • Exchange & Commissary Privileges: You and your family will be able to shop at any military Exchange or Commissary. The Exchange is like your local department store where you can shop in person or on-line and - best of all - pay NO sales tax. The Commissary is like your local grocery store with a discount.
  • Cash Enlistment Bonuses: Certain career fields are so critical we offer Cash Enlistment Bonuses for individuals who qualify.
  • Free Air Travel on Military Aircraft: Unit members are eligible to fly on military aircraft on what is called HOPS (Help Our People Save), more commonly referred to as Space A (Available) travel. This can be to anywhere in the United States, Virgin Islands, Guam or Puerto Rico.


  • Age: Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 39. They must not reach the age of 40 by the date of enlistment. (No age waivers).
  • Education: Minimum requirement: High school diploma, GED certificate, or be a high school senior, with a letter from the school stating that the student will graduate.
  • Mental: Applicants must take and pass a current version of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery of Test. A minimum AFQT score of 31% must achieve also have the score for the selected career field.
  • Physical: All applicants must complete and pass a military physical prior to enlistment. This exam includes drug and alcohol screening. They must meet the criteria defined in AFI 48-123 placement in the desired career field.
  • Moral: Applicants must possess high moral standards. Applicants with criminal records, felony charges, abused either drugs or alcohol will not be considered for enlistment.
  • Citizenship: U. S. citizenship is required for applicants in order to join the California Air National Guard. All AFSCs in the California Air National Guard require a minimum secret clearance.
  • Dependency: Single parent applicants must complete an AF Form 357