2009 AEF deployments take off

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- The 129th Rescue Wing recently deployed more than a 100 Airmen half-way around the world. At the end of April we sent our aircrews, support personnel and MC-130Ps to Djibouti, and a few days later we went through the deployment process again to get our HH-60G folks out the door to Afghanistan.

All of the deployment groups made it over to their respective areas of operation safe and sound, due largely to our cargo and personnel deployment function staffs. We need to thank the personnel manning the CDF and PDF, as well as the LGRDX folks for truly exceptional service. This was no easy feat due to challenges leading up to the departures of our people and equipment.

This deployment had many variables, from multiple groups moving to different locations on different aircraft, numerous last minute personnel and equipment changes, to airlift slips. With this level of complexity for a deployment, it's imperative that everyone's individual mobilization readiness be in order.

Tasks and training assigned by the unit or IDO must be accomplished promptly in order to have a smooth deployment departure from the base. We need to be proactive in preparing and executing deployments so we can concentrate on the mission when called.

Whether we are involved with combat overseas, hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, or fires here in California, we must maintain a high level of readiness. This means being fit, medically qualified, and being current in your AFSC, ancillary and war skills training, along with maintaining up to date personal information, wills, powers of attorney, etc. From top to bottom, commander to Airman, it's everyone's responsibility to be ready to deploy.

Thank you for your hard work and long hours. We still have a few more deployments to process and the redeployments to execute, keep up the great work.

Lastly, we are at the beginning of the "101 Days of Summer," which started Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend. This is a time of outdoor fun, but also a time where many accidents occur. Please be cautious as you enjoy the longer days and warmer weather. Minimize your risks, wear proper gear and perform personal risk assessments. Our nation, communities, families, friends and co-workers depend on your service and commitment, so please be safe in everything you do.