We must cultivate a warrior ethos in our Airmen

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Following an extensive deployment to Afghanistan where 129th Rescue Wing Airmen exemplified the Air Force's Warrior Ethos, "I am an American Airman... I am a Warrior..." and were credited with 187 lives saved, our brave warriors have returned home to their families and loved ones.

The warriorship displayed by our Airmen must continue as we face many challenges here at home. It is important that we all join together in continuing to push the momentum on the flywheel with the following warriorship mentality:

Warriorship: I am filled with the 'Warrior Spirit' - it drives my tireless commitment to Honor, Integrity, Passion, Pride, Discipline; and it fuels my Moral Courage to do what is right -- always! 'For such a time as this!' (Courtesy of the Air National Guard Office of Cultural Leadership and Development.)

Through adversity our togetherness and diversity makes us better.

As we continue to push the flywheel and raise the bar that the Air National Guard Office of Cultural Leadership and Development has set for us, continue the "flywheel momentum" by interweaving these points into your agendas for all meetings and monthly roll-calls: 

- From Heritage: Understanding history is vital to seeing the warrior ethos in Airmen today. We must cultivate a warrior ethos in our Airmen. 

- Airmen exemplify the warrior ethos in every Air Force specialty by deploying to all corners of the Earth in support of the Air Force Mission: To fly and fight in air, space, and cyberspace. 

Ask yourself; "What did I do today to push on the flywheel?" 

- What is a moral, mental or physical exercise you can develop in your path to being a noble warrior? 

- How do you demonstrate character and integrity in your actions? 

- What displays of nobility do you exhibit in the area of diversity?