Wing updates on-base motorcycle requirements

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- To comply with the California Adjutant General's policy on motorcycle safety, changes will be made to the 129th Rescue Wing's motorcycle policy effective the October UTA. 

These requirements are mandatory for all California Military Department service members in any duty status, including AGR, ADSW, Title 32, SAD, ESAD, IDT, ADT, Federal Technician, FTM, FTNG, CSMR on SAD. 

· Headlights will be on at all times. 

· Helmet that meets or exceeds DOT standards fastened under the chin. 

· ANSI rated goggles, wrap around glasses, or full-face shield (properly attached to helmet). 

· Wearing of long sleeved shirt/jacket, long trousers, and full fingered gloves. 

· Wear of sturdy over the ankle footwear is required, low quarter sneakers, and similar footwear is not allowed. 

· Riders will wear brightly colored outer upper garment during the day and a reflective upper garment during the night. Outer upper garment shall be visible and not covered. Backpacks are authorized if it has brightly colored/reflective properties.

All members must complete an MSF course as soon as time and class space permits to continue to be allowed to drive on base. When the Macon Gate is manned by 129th Security Forces Squadron personnel, noncompliance will result in SFS personnel stopping members at the Macon Gate entrance and having the member park their motorcycle in the gravel parking area by the Ellis Gate. Drivers not in compliance cannot proceed any further than the Macon Gate. 

If during the week members are caught driving on base in violation of the new rules, unit members will be issued a warning for the first offense with further administrative action taken for each subsequent violation.