Changes slated for May drill, ORE schedule

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- The May unit training assembly schedule has been altered due to the postponement of April's unit training assembly.

Originally, Operational Readiness Exercise Vigilant Sword Phase I and II were scheduled for May's week-long training. However, with the cancellation of April's UTA, including three days for ORE preparation and training, a compressed schedule was necessary to achieve unit training objectives.

The new schedule for the May UTA is as follows:
May 14 - 15: Normal UTA (focus on ORE Preparation and Training)
May 16 - 17: ORE Vigilant Sword 11-1 Phase 1
May 18 - 20: Annual Training (commander's discretion)

ORE Phase II is not scheduled for the May UTA. The rescheduled date of the Phase II ORE will be announced in the next few weeks.

The changes made to May's UTA will better prepare 129th Airmen for October's Operational Readiness Exercise and December's Operational Readiness Inspection, said Lt. Col. Steven Butow, 129th Rescue Wing Vice Commander. However, he reminds Airmen not to view the ORI as an end state, but rather as a milestone to prepare the wing for the next Air Expeditionary Force deployment.

With less time available for training due to the postponement of last month's drill, Airmen are encouraged to be prepared before arriving for duty. There are several checklist items Airmen can accomplish to better prepare for upcoming OREs, which include:
  • Check that you have the proper field equipment (i.e. chemical warfare gear), ensure its in operational condition and document equipment condition on inspection tags, if applicable
  • Ensure you have the correct edition of the Airman's Manual (AFPAM 10-100 dated 1 Mar 09) and that required updates to the manual have been made
  • Complete all required ancillary training
  • Ask your leadership what additional duties or war skills will be required while deployed and complete these additional requirements
In addition to these steps, Airmen should routinely to check the wing's website at and Facebook page at because significant information concerning the UTAs will be disseminated through these channels. Airmen should also visit the 129th RQW Readiness Community of Practice website for details on May's UTA. The CAC enabled website can be accessed at