HRA: Continuing the flywheel momentum

MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD, Calif. -- Now that we've established the foundation and kick-started the year with a push on the "flywheel" with TRUST, let's continue the momentum with RESPECT this month. 

America's promise is a moral imperative that every life is precious and every spirit deserves dignity and respect. In the military, we salute our superior officers as a sign of respect, and out of respect, they salute us back. Not rendering a salute to a superior officer or a superior officer not rendering a salute in return is considered offensive and very disrespectful. 

Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Ceaser Chavez taught us to respect one another as fellow human beings. We must continue their legacy by reinforcing the respect that we have for each other and reestablishing the respect we have lost as a result of ignorance. 

The Air National Guard Office of Cultural Leadership and Development offers the following challenges to help keep the flywheel spinning:
- We must all be committed to an environment of mutual respect that allows every member of our wing team to achieve his or her greatest potential.
- We must know that respect is the mutual and unbreakable bond that is the premise of public trust for our wing, the Air National Guard, and our country.
- We must respect others and look out for our wingmen. A failure for one is a failure for all!
Consider the following when asking, "What did I do today to push the Flywheel?"
- Do you foster mutual respect in promoting a culture of confidence, dependability and reliability?
- Do you treat Airmen with dignity and respect for their talents and the value they provide to our wing and to our Air National Guard?
- Does your authentic leadership and mutual respect firmly develop strong bonds with Airmen?